Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Recently, I was most uncomfortably seen through by a brand new woman friend with a keen soul who, almost immediately upon meeting me, told me, "I see you. You want someone to love you and adore you and treat you like a princess...like a little girl." Pointed her finger at me, looked me in the eye, "I see you."  I fell to a puddle on the floor like the scene in "Amélie" .  One of my favorite films of all time by the way. No one has EVER seen through me like that---not so fast, not so unbelievably piercingly, not EVER. Creeped me out a little. Ok, a LOT! Decided I better not look at her the rest of the night for fear of what she might see. It either worked or she just took pity on me.

Fast forward.