Sunday, January 10, 2010

Facebook Bra Color "game" for Breast Cancer Awareness - Insensitive?

I just had to say something about the Breast Cancer Awareness “game” that went around Facebook yesterday where thousands of women all over the world posted the color of their bra to draw attention to the ever-remaining need for a cure. Today I saw a link on Twitter that said, “before you post your bra color on Facebook read this.” I clicked over and read the post written by a brave breast cancer survivor who had no choice but to have a double mastectomy in order to save her life. The posts of bra colors reminded her of the deep physical, and equally if not more devastating, psychological wounds that breast cancer inflicts on all the women it touches. In writing what I am about to write, I in no way have the intention of taking away from her very valid point. We all need to be sensitive and caring towards the people we know who have had to go through the terrible, life-changing ordeal of breast cancer.